여성은 태어나는 것이 아니라
만들어 지는 것이다.
(Man wird nicht als Frau geboren,
man wird dazu gemacht.)
- 시몬드 보부아르 (Simone de Beauvoir) -

French expression ‘Vive La Saison’ meaning'Hurray for four seasons!'
embraces praise for women who are like four seasons and our name.

Four characteristics of independent and bold women who resemble
vitality of spring, passion of summer, nobility of fall and strength of winter have become the source of our inspiration.

We have released a new fashion beauty care that makes your beauty to glow like vitality of spring,
become stronger than intense passion of summer, and contain elegance of fall or strong but pure charm of winter.

The first challenge is our fashion beauty care brand, VIVLAS.
Here is a story of the first theme for you: 365 beautiful stories of seasons.

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